If you are interested in legal representation, call or email to set up a legal consultation.  If you are a current client, call or email to discuss your question or concern:

Phone: (510) 722-9094  Fax: (510) 722-9086


Office: 436 14th Street, Suite 728, Oakland, CA 94612

Mail: PO Box 2916, Berkeley, CA 94702

Office Hours: Liz’s office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Liz works only by appointment.

Client Communication: Note that Liz only returns calls when the caller leaves a message.  Missed calls without a message are not returned.  Liz does not text with clients: only phone and email.  Please allow 48 hours for routine inquiries and 24 hours for emergency inquiries for Liz to return your call or email before calling or emailing again.  Please be sure to have your voicemail set up on your phone, so Liz can leave you a message if you cannot answer when she returns your call.  The best times to reach Liz by phone are in the morning Monday through Friday.  Liz does not answer calls outside of the listed office hours unless the call has been scheduled for such a time in advance.  

Office Location: Liz's office is located right at the 12th Street Oakland Civic Center BART station.  Public transportation is encouraged.  If you choose to drive, there are parking garages on Franklin Street between 14th and 15th, as well as the City Center Garage on 14th Street between Clay and Broadway.  There are other public parking garages and street parking in the neighborhood as well.  However, parking garages have limited capacity, are often full, and can be costly.